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Kwame Konar Koranteng was born in Ghana. Starting out in his teens sketching out daring designs of western clothing and traditional wear in Ghana. Kwame grew up surrounded by a family who were very driven by contemporary education. In his late teens he made his first journey to Britain to visit and was inspired and enthralled by the sweeping streets of Saville Row teeming with prestigious tailors and when he finally migrated to the UK to settle, he chose a prestigious college on the  outskirts of Bloomsbury for his education in Fashion Design and Tailoring. Whiles learning and training as a bespoke tailor he continued to sew and churned out several pieces which were sold to order as and when he had collated enough to place on sale. Moving into the corporate industry he spent several years designing for the George Bespoke tailoring. Before finally making the decision to set up his own Couture brand. 

Kwame Koranteng Design is a direct result of that drive and ambition and as time has worn on he has gone from strength to strength.

In his own words ‘ My Drive and Passion for Bespoke Tailoring goes outside standard boundaries, lots of people already want to be famous, many men and women want to be celebrities, God has blessed me with much more than that, he has given me the ability to look at an individual and see them standing in grandeur with a suit that flows with their posture and body which oozes sophistication.

Since I began to push my fashion and design skills through my couture house, the satisfaction I have gained from seeing the end customer instead of churning out factory made items is immense and I would not swap it for anything else.

Beyond that, whenever I think I have just about had enough, I get into work and suddenly see something new emerging from a swatch and that’s it, out comes the tape measure and chalk and I am back at it again.

What’s more, I have met so many delightful people and have been inspired to go from strength to strength by the support I have had from veteran Saville Row Tailors and I will continue to be blessed with the motivation to always deliver the best.’ 





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